Eye Mask

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Eye Mask

Vendor code: B01GD5PLKE

Shelf life: 3-4 Months

Amount: 2 Packs

Manufacturer country: US



Do you witness burning in your eyes after long working hours?

Do your eyes become puffy which leads to headaches? You need not worry because we have the perfect solution for all these problems!

The Eye Mask which is the perfect treatment for redness and dark circles will make your feel and look younger!

Being reusable, you need not spend too much buying them again and again! With no compromise on quality, we ensure the safe arrival of your masks at your doorstep.

With stretchable strands, you can adjust these masks on your head easily!

The perfect spa treatment at home is what you require! So, what is the wait for? 

Mode of application

Just place the mask over your face and relax!

Transport packaging

  • Corrugated box
  • Quantity: 22 pcs