Ab Roller Equipment

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Ab Roller Equipment

Vendor code: B01BL1134S

Shelf life: 2-3 Years

Amount: 1 Set

Manufacturer country: China



The portable ab roller can help you achieve toned abs, arms and back in no time. You can easily work out with the roller equipment at your home or the gym or even at your office! The wheel had added stability that lets you adjust it to your desired length.

The wheels are 2 inches thick than all other brands allowing you to have greater stability and unrestricted movement during those intense workout sessions.

The wheels have a comfortable grip that prevents you from any discomfort of pain.

The ergonomically designed wheel grip let you put in a 100%n in your workout.

The handles can be removed easily, and it gives you the access to the store and transports it.

 A workout guide is available with the rollers so that you can perform the correct workout. 

Mode of application

Lie on the floor and have the wheel in your hands, start rolling it back and forth moving your body along with it; like a workout.

Transport packaging

  • Corrugated box
  • Quantity: 20 pcs.